BetaTalk - The Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Heating Podcast

District Heating, Heat Networks, Solar Heat Networks part 1

July 24, 2020 Nathan Gambling BetaTeach
BetaTalk - The Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Heating Podcast
District Heating, Heat Networks, Solar Heat Networks part 1
Show Notes

Guests: Ingo Leusbrock Head of department "Cities and Networks" at AEE Institute For Sustainable Technologie a Non-profit research institute in Gleisdorf, Austria

Research and demonstration on renewable energy and energy and resource efficiency with strong focus on the thermal.

This includes district heating and cooling, but also spatial energy planning, Positive Energy Districts. With main projects / contribution: 

  • ThermaFLEX, national flagship project with 27 partners on concept development and demonstration of "flexibility measures" in district heating
  • Participant in IEA DHC and IEA EBC annexes / tasks in this field

David Watson: Director of the Heat Trust, an independent, not for profit consumer champion for customers on heat networks. David has worked in energy policy for over 20 years and was most recently the Director of group strategy at Centrica where he worked on decarbonisation of heat policy/strategy

Paul Hull: Managing Director of an award winning commercial and domestic heating company. Paul is one of Nathan's favourite commercial heating engineers. He is also the campaign director of which promotes gas safety in the UK


01.40 Are solar thermal heat networks popular in the UK

02.24 The role heat networks can play in the decarbonisation of heat

04.00 how renewable technology has been installed but is not being used

05.55 Protecting the customer and regulation and policy

06.45 Austrian heat networks and the work Are Intech does, 3,500 district heating systems all over Austria

10.40 Solar Heat networks in Europe

12.50 how solar thermal got a bad name and is not being talked about

13.45 Heat network providers, customer assurance, customer protection and the work the Heat Trust do

16:28 Kensa’s district heat system

17:45 Hybrid heat networks. But not perhaps biomass. Easy user controls

20:00 Hydrogen’s role in heat and hydrogen ready. Hydrogen networks

23:30 Quality management programmes, spacial energy planning and support from Europe to help the UK with SolarHeat heat networks, spacial energy planning

26:50 Redeveloped heat networks and retrofit heat networks. National energy policy and strategy devolving to regional, local level design making. Starting with energy efficiency.

29:00 Ageing district heating systems

29: 30 Demineralised water VDI2035 for district heating systems to protect corrosion